Skylights for Calgary homes and buildings

There have been numerous studies by scientists, teachers, optometrists and other professional groups confirming the benefits of natural light. A skylight is a great way to let that much desired natural light into your home or building. By creating a windowed opening in your roof or other surface, we can install a skylight and create that warm, natural feel.

The following are some additional benefits to skylights that you may want to consider:

Better Moods: Natural light has been proven to improve the mood of building occupants and reduce the level of depression (especially during the long winter months).

Increased Energy: It has been shown that individuals working and living in spaces that have more natural light also report having more energy and display increased levels of productivity.

Optimized Spaces: Natural light has a tendency to make spaces in homes and buildings appear larger, increasing the overall appeal of a given space.

True Colours: If you’ve ever seen a room lit by fluorescent bulbs, then you’ll agree that natural light makes colours appear true and resilient.

Reduces Eye Strain: Unnatural light also puts strain on the eyes. Skylights will help reduce the unpleasantness of headaches and sore eyes.

Conserves Electricity: Of course, more natural light means less artificial light, which means you’ll be able to reduce the number of lights and amount of time they are turned on in your home or building.

Brings the Outdoors Indoors: In combination with new windows, your skylights can help bring the beautiful outdoors into your home or building, making your spaces more pleasant and enjoyable.

Euro Tilt Windows

True-Fit installs any style of window you may need, including the high-performance and flexible Vivace Tilt &
Turn EuroSystem.

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